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Address:WangJiaLou, FengRun County, TangShan, Hebei Tel:0315-5124454 (+86-0315-5124454)
Address:ShiWenChang Road 28#, TongXiang Town, JiaXin, Zhejiang Tel:0573-8777029 (+86-0573-8777029)
Address:WangJiaYao, WuLian County, RiZhao, Shandong Tel:0633-5531080 (+86-0633-5531080)
Address:ChengAn Road 10#, QingDao, Shandong Tel:4847551 (+86-4847551)
Address:JiangHai West Road 12#, HaiAn Town, HaiAn County, NanTong, Jiangsu Tel:0513-8581241 (+86-0513-8581241)
Address:NanDan Road 50-2a, XuHui District, ShangHai Tel:021-64380986 (+86-021-64380986)
Address:WuYi Road BeiEr Street 36#, ChangJi, HuiJi autonomous area Changjiangxin, Xinjiang Tel:0994-2334594 (+86-0994-2334594)
Address:XinLong JuWei, ChaoYang, ShanTou, Guangdong Tel:0754-2253778 (+86-0754-2253778)
Address:BeiShi Road 208#, PuTuo District, PuTuo District, ShangHai Tel:021-62545841 (+86-021-62545841)
Address:LuoJi, ShaoYang County, ShaoYang, Hunan Tel:0739-6826925 (+86-0739-6826925)
Address:XiCheng Road 8#, ShiZhong County, WanXian County, WanXian, Sichuan Tel:0819-6222548 (+86-0819-6222548)
Address:ZhongYang Ave.27#, XinFu District, FuShun, Liaoning Tel:0413-2534234 (+86-0413-2534234)
Address:YuanTai Village, XunYang County, AnKang, Shaanxi Tel:0915-7682229 (+86-0915-7682229)
Address:YanAn Road 205#, XiaCheng District, HangZhou, Zhejiang Tel:0571-5156229 (+86-0571-5156229)
Address:MengLa Street, MengLa County, Yunnan Tel:0691-8123010 (+86-0691-8123010)
Address:MingShan Road DongDuan 87#, EMeiShan, LeShan, Sichuan Tel:0833-5525611 (+86-0833-5525611)
Address:KuiXing Street 98#, RenShou County, LeShan, Sichuan Tel:0833-6201344 (+86-0833-6201344)
Address:ZhuXi Village, TangYuan County, JiaMuSi, Heilongjiang Tel:0454-7629114 (+86-0454-7629114)
Address:DaSi Village, FengQing County, LinCang, Yunnan Tel:0883-4630017 (+86-0883-4630017)
Address:Dingshutian Yixing City, Jiangsu Province, South Loop 214221 China Tel:+86-0510-7402512 +86-0510-7401084 +86- +86-0510-7403332 (+86-+86-0510-7402512 +86-0510-7401084 +86- +86-0510-7403332)