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Address:Bubei Baofeng Industry Area,Buji District,Shenzhen, Shenzhen Guangdong 518019 Tel:86-0755-84725863 (+86-86-0755-84725863)
Address:1 North Xingye Road, Nantou Zhongshan Guangdong 528427 Tel:86-0760-3138661 (+86-86-0760-3138661)
Address:ZhouLi Village, LaoYe Town, TaiXin, Jiangsu Tel:6758117 (+86-6758117)
Address:DaoXi Street 93#, ManXi autonomous area Ben, BenXi, Liaoning Tel:0414-6162324 (+86-0414-6162324)
Address:ShengLi Road 54#, TieDong District, AnShan, Liaoning Tel:0412-5547809 (+86-0412-5547809)
Address:XinJian Road, TongXu County, KaiFeng, Henan Tel:0378-4976141 (+86-0378-4976141)
Address:ShangPuKou Village, ShuangJie Town, BeiChen District, TianJin Tel:022-26970519 (+86-022-26970519)
Address:ZhongHeng Street 1#, ShaoXin, Zhejiang Tel:3691077 (+86-3691077)
Address:DongShunCheng Street 75#, YuCi, JinZhong, Shanxi Tel:0354-2024798 (+86-0354-2024798)
Address:RenMinZhong Road 61#, XiaQu District, HuZhou, Zhejiang Tel:0572-3943044 (+86-0572-3943044)
Address:SanYuan Road 30#, Fujian Tel:8825043 (+86-8825043)
Address:DongFeng Road 528#, XinCheng District, NaMengGu HuHe HaoTe, HuHe HaoTe, Inner Mongolia Tel:0471-4962404 (+86-0471-4962404)
Address:GuLou North Road 196#, Jiangsu Tel:7683140 (+86-7683140)
Address:JieYuan West Road, NanKai District, TianJin Tel:022-27360703 (+86-022-27360703)
Address:YongQuan Road, YanTai, Shandong Tel:5213457 (+86-5213457)
Address:HuBin North Road 201 HaoHongYe DaXiaJiu LouSiHao, KaiYuan District, XiaMen, Fujian Tel:0592-5098516 (+86-0592-5098516)
Address:YueErChi 137#, YiBin, YiBin, Sichuan Tel:0831-3551176 (+86-0831-3551176)
Address:JingWan Road 2#, DouMen County, ZhuHai, Guangdong Tel:0756-5522885 (+86-0756-5522885)
Address:YongHe Road, YongChang County, JinChang, Gansu Tel:0935-7322474 (+86-0935-7322474)
Address:Beijing Qinghe small business 100085 Tel:+86-010-62918841 +86-010-62913201-2447 +86-010-2437 +86-010-2295 +86-010-62913126 (+86-+86-010-62918841 +86-010-62913201-2447 +86-010-2437 +86-010-2295 +86-010-62913126)
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