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Address:Yinzhu Town, Jiaonan City, Qingdao, Shandong Province 266431 Tel:0086-532-3196367 (+86-0086-532-3196367)
Address:DongShan NongChang, DongXiHu District, WuHan, Hubei Tel:83892054-5864 (+86-83892054-5864)
Address:BinLang, DaChuan, DaChuan, Sichuan Tel:0818-2377901 (+86-0818-2377901)
Address:DongGang, HaiGang District, QinHuangDao, Hebei Tel:0335-3013051 (+86-0335-3013051)
Address:QuHua DiDa Road NanSha WeiQiao, FangCun Village, GuangZhou, Guangdong Tel:020-81510088 (+86-020-81510088)
Address:JiangZhuang 88#, DaTun Town, ChaoYang District, BeiJing Tel:010-64917772-3118 (+86-010-64917772-3118)
Address:ZhongShan East Road 19#, HaiShu District, NingBo, Zhejiang Tel:0574-7262976 (+86-0574-7262976)
Address:YongYue Village, LuQiao District, TaiZhou, Zhejiang Tel:0576-2442191 (+86-0576-2442191)
Address:WenHua Road 16#, XiChong County, NanChong, Sichuan Tel:0817-4222026 (+86-0817-4222026)
Address:1001#, HuaCao Town, MinHang District, ShangHai Tel:021-62200701 (+86-021-62200701)
Address:DengGuan, ChangZhou, Jiangsu Tel:2422733 (+86-2422733)
Address:WenHua East Road 13#, HuanCui District, WeiHai, Shandong Tel:0631-5231406 (+86-0631-5231406)
Address:DongZhi Road 168#, TaiPing District, HaErBin, Heilongjiang Tel:0451-7682707 (+86-0451-7682707)
Address:LongHua Road 17 HaoCaiSheng DaXia 20, XinHua District, HaiKou, Hainan Tel:6228356-258 (+86-6228356-258)
Address:ErHuan Road BeiSanDuan 191 HaoFu 9#, JinNiu District, ChengDou, Sichuan Tel:028-3397032 (+86-028-3397032)
Address:JinNing North Street 20#, ChengQu District, NingXia YinChuan, YinChuan, Ningxia Tel:0951-5031972 (+86-0951-5031972)
Address:JiAn Road 5-1#, ChengQu District, JiaXin, Zhejiang Tel:0573-2079119 (+86-0573-2079119)
Address:ZhanQian Road 14#, LiXia District, JiNan, Shandong Tel:6920931-227 (+86-6920931-227)
Address:Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province friendship Lane Road No. 32-song 154004 Tel:86-0454-858368886 (+86-86-0454-858368886)
Address:Kam Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province Town 215324 Tel:+86-0520-7231910 (+86-+86-0520-7231910)
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