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Address:North of Village Government Courtyard, Huangsongyu, Pinggu, Beijing, China (Mainland) Zip: 101200 Tel:86-10-67181263 (+86-86-10-67181263)
Address:SanJia Village, SiMao, SiMao, Yunnan Tel:0879-2123742 (+86-0879-2123742)
Address:DaXi Road 327#, ZhenJiang, Jiangsu Tel:0511-6528382 (+86-0511-6528382)
Address:Dong Road 30#, DongYang, JinHua, Zhejiang Tel:0579-6625018 (+86-0579-6625018)
Address:XiGu Street XiHengDi, HongQiao District, TianJin Tel:022-27322597 (+86-022-27322597)
Address:ZuoWu Road 20#, XiangZhou District, ZhuHai, Guangdong Tel:0756-8821006 (+86-0756-8821006)
Address:CunWeiHui, LiLou Village, YongCheng County, ShangQiu, Henan Tel:0370-5911066 (+86-0370-5911066)
Address:JieFang Road 43#, GuangChang County, FuZhou, Jiangxi Tel:0794-3622352 (+86-0794-3622352)
Address:LuoXi Village, WuNing County, JiuJiang, Jiangxi Tel:0792-2062035 (+86-0792-2062035)
Address:ShiLiangJi, LongKou, YanTai, Shandong Tel:0535-8751136 (+86-0535-8751136)
Address:HuanCheng North Road 420#, JiangBei District, NingBo, Zhejiang Tel:0574-7673369 (+86-0574-7673369)
Address:GuangAn MenNa Ave.482#, XuanWu District, BeiJing Tel:010-83581631 (+86-010-83581631)
Address:RenMin Road 23#, HuiDong County, HuiZhou, Guangdong Tel:0752-8824205 (+86-0752-8824205)
Address:JunDian Village, ShiYan, Hubei Tel:3714277 (+86-3714277)
Address:WanPing South Road 400-707, XuHui District, ShangHai Tel:021-64111026 (+86-021-64111026)
Address:ZhiLang, NingMing County, GuangXi NanNing, NanNing, Guangxi Tel:0771-8780048 (+86-0771-8780048)
Address:JunZhou South Road 133#, JunLian County, YiBin, Sichuan Tel:0831-7721630 (+86-0831-7721630)
Address:ChangJiang North Road, JiaoQu District, ZhuZhou, Hunan Tel:0733-8818729 (+86-0733-8818729)
Address:Taiyuan, Shanxi towers Shijie No. 155 30012 Tel:86-0351-407150586-0351-2027830 (+86-86-0351-407150586-0351-2027830)
Address:Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, 661 people Road 215005 Tel:+86-0512-7273920 +86-0512-7271874 +86-0512-7204041 +86- +86-0512-7271782 (+86-+86-0512-7273920 +86-0512-7271874 +86-0512-7204041 +86- +86-0512-7271782)
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