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Address:68 Songjiang Road, Ningbo Developing Zone, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province. China Tel:86-574-63782260 (+86-86-574-63782260)
Address:ErJie Village, ShiHuoJia County, XinXiang Town, XinXiang, Henan Tel:0373-4592260 (+86-0373-4592260)
Address:FanJiaZhuang Village, TaiShan District, TaiAn, Shandong Tel:8225766-271 (+86-8225766-271)
Address:DongQingBu, LianShan District, HuLuDao, Liaoning Tel:0429-4118051 (+86-0429-4118051)
Address:HeCuo Village, KaiYuan District, XiaMen, Fujian Tel:0592-5025375 (+86-0592-5025375)
Address:ChunHe Street 9#, KeDong County, QiQi HaEr, Heilongjiang Tel:0452-4323817 (+86-0452-4323817)
Address:JiZhen Town, LiYang, ChangZhou, Jiangsu Tel:0519-7222222 (+86-0519-7222222)
Address:JingAn, PeiXian County, XuZhou, Jiangsu Tel:0516-3477519 (+86-0516-3477519)
Address:FuJunMiao Village, FuJunMiao Town, JingHai County, TianJin Tel:28815669-3064 (+86-28815669-3064)
Address:PingAnNan Ave.38#, QiaoDong District, ShiJiaZhuang, Hebei Tel:0311-3013897 (+86-0311-3013897)
Address:XiaoHu, GuanCheng HuiZu District, ZhengZhou, Henan Tel:8712921-54507 (+86-8712921-54507)
Address:JieFang Road, LiFang autonomous area Dong, KongQue, HaiNan KongQue, Hainan Tel:0890-5523243 (+86-0890-5523243)
Address:QianJin South Road, XiangTan County, XiangTan, Hunan Tel:0732-7881435 (+86-0732-7881435)
Address:RuDong, YangXi County, YangJiang, Guangdong Tel:0662-5583405 (+86-0662-5583405)
Address:GeMai, DaNing County, LinFen, Shanxi Tel:0357-7762122 (+86-0357-7762122)
Address:MinZuEr, YaoNan autonomous area Lian, QingYuan, Guangdong Tel:0763-8661659 (+86-0763-8661659)
Address:BaoShan, FoGang County, QingYuan, Guangdong Tel:0763-4511043 (+86-0763-4511043)
Address:Beijing Fuxing Road waterfront area on the 4th 100038 Tel:+86-010-68537733-3330010-68537733-3336 (+86-+86-010-68537733-3330010-68537733-3336)
Address:Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province town of Jinfeng 215625 China Tel:+86-0520-8550801 +86- +86-0520-8550681 (+86-+86-0520-8550801 +86- +86-0520-8550681)
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