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Address:Suchuan Industrial Zone, East City Street, Yongkang, Zhejiang, China (Mainland) Zip: 321300 Tel:86-579-7151986 (+86-86-579-7151986)
Address:MeiYang XianYou, JiaoWei Town, XianYou County, PuTian, Fujian Tel:0594-7390969 (+86-0594-7390969)
Address:JiangGong Street 1#, LiShan District, AnShan, Liaoning Tel:0412-6613858 (+86-0412-6613858)
Address:AnHe Town, YanChang County, YanAn, Shaanxi Tel:0911-8850009 (+86-0911-8850009)
Address:WangMuGe Road 2#, ShiZhong District, JiNing, Shandong Tel:0537-2214563 (+86-0537-2214563)
Address:XinJian South Road, XinZheng, ZhengZhou, Henan Tel:0371-2692477 (+86-0371-2692477)
Address:XinShan Village, DaDuKou District, ZhongQing Tel:023-68818177 (+86-023-68818177)
Address:TaiHang West Road 31#, JieFang District, JiaoZuo, Henan Tel:2925850-22514 (+86-2925850-22514)
Address:XiaCang, XiangCheng District, ZhangZhou, Fujian Tel:0596-2572129 (+86-0596-2572129)
Address:HuangShiGang, HuangShiGang District, HuangShi, Hubei Tel:0714-6241467 (+86-0714-6241467)
Address:JianXin Road 27#, HuiLong Town, QiDong, NanTong, Jiangsu Tel:0513-3532886 (+86-0513-3532886)
Address:FengTai 22, OuHai District, WenZhou, Zhejiang Tel:0577-6935663 (+86-0577-6935663)
Address:YongLe Road, HeZhang County, BiJie, Guizhou Tel:0857-6432001 (+86-0857-6432001)
Address:CaoYang Road 1450-4#, ShangHai Tel:62548881-588 (+86-62548881-588)
Address:HouWa, XiaoXian County, Di, SuXian County, SuXian, Anhui Tel:0557-5485234 (+86-0557-5485234)
Address:XiuJiangZhong Road 60#, YiChun, YiChun, Jiangxi Tel:0795-3230990 (+86-0795-3230990)
Address:LiuGuanZhuang Village, ChengGuan Town, JiaoXian County, TianJin Tel:022-28910301 (+86-022-28910301)
Address:XinFaEr JuWeiHui, XinQiu District, FuXin, Liaoning Tel:0418-2862407 (+86-0418-2862407)
Address:QuHe North Road 10#, XinShi, XinJiangWu LuMuQi, WuLu MuQi, Xinjiang Tel:0991-3822609 (+86-0991-3822609)
Address:YanAnZhong Road 849-1005, JingAn District, ShangHai Tel:021-62790812 (+86-021-62790812)
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