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Address:4th Floor, Yijing Building, Meilin Road Shenzhen Guangdong 518049 Tel:86 - 0755 - 83129212 (+86-86 - 0755 - 83129212)
Address:TongHe LinChang, RaoHe County, ShuangYaShan, Heilongjiang Tel:0454-5624966 (+86-0454-5624966)
Address:DaBao Village, ZhuoLu County, ZhangJiaKou, Hebei Tel:0313-6522322 (+86-0313-6522322)
Address:HuangNiHe Village, FuYuan County, QuJing, Yunnan Tel:0874-4092105 (+86-0874-4092105)
Address:RiXin Street 88#, XiGang District, DaLian, Liaoning Tel:0411-3633418 (+86-0411-3633418)
Address:XiHua, QingYang County, ChiZhou, Anhui Tel:0566-5078275 (+86-0566-5078275)
Address:QiaoQiZhen East Street, JiangYin, Wuxi, Jiangsu Tel:0510-6756116 (+86-0510-6756116)
Address:ChaoMiWan, Hubei Tel:6592749 (+86-6592749)
Address:GuiShan, AnJi County, HuZhou, Zhejiang Tel:0572-5066066 (+86-0572-5066066)
Address:RenMin Road 129#, DongTai, YanCheng, Jiangsu Tel:0515-5210000 (+86-0515-5210000)
Address:ZhongXue Street 1#, KuiWen District, WeiFang, Shandong Tel:0536-8237609 (+86-0536-8237609)
Address:MaAnShan TuoAn Road 168#, ShiZhong District, NaJiang, Sichuan Tel:0832-2038682 (+86-0832-2038682)
Address:ChengJiang Road JiePuNing Road 4#, NanKai District, TianJin Tel:022-23361766 (+86-022-23361766)
Address:LongJiang Road 92#, ShangHai Tel:021-65121330 (+86-021-65121330)
Address:ShangZhong West Road 464#, XuHui District, ShangHai Tel:021-64777769 (+86-021-64777769)
Address:CaoAn Road 204-103, ShangHai Tel:021-62436049 (+86-021-62436049)
Address:ZhouZhai Village, DangShan County, Di, SuXian County, SuXian, Anhui Tel:0557-8499011 (+86-0557-8499011)
Address:LiuHaoLou, NanYuanXin Village, NingDe, NingDe, Fujian Tel:0593-2867508 (+86-0593-2867508)
Address:MaJiaBao Road 33 HaoYuan, FengTai District, BeiJing Tel:010-63593923 (+86-010-63593923)
Address:Liaoning Province village Benxixian small town Zhangjiapu 117100 Tel:+86-0414-6821064 (+86-+86-0414-6821064)
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